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What is custom made ocular prosthesis?

Custom made ocular prosthesis is an artificial eye made up of PMMA, which is unique for every individual and is made according to respective socket size and shape by impression technique and febrication, It is fitted in the eye socket to help the disfigured eye resemble normal eye in appearance. Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad

What are the indications for prosthetic eye?

Anophthalmic socket,microphthalmia,pthisical eye.

What is the procedure for making custom eye prosthesis?

It is a long procedure of 8-10 hours demanding precicion. It begins with taking impression of socket,making a wax mould, proper centration, iris painting, making acrylic mould, painting of sclera and conjunctival vessels matching the contralateral eye, final polishing for natural shine, and the custom made eye is ready to fit in the socket!

How is custom made eye different from ready made stock eye?

"Stock" or "ready-made" ocular prostheses are mass-produced. Since a "Stock eye" is not made for any particular person, it doesn't fit any particular patient. A "custom" ocular prosthesis, on the other hand, is made by specific required individual socket size plus with utmost similarity to contralateral normal eye; thus serving patient's purpose of "cosmesis".

What are the advantages of "Custom-made" eyes over "stock" eyes?

Custom made artificial eyes are more comfortable and have better resemblance to the contralateral eye apart from the advantages of continuous wear and better motility of the prosthesis. Where the ready-made artificial eye suffers from discharge,discomfort,poor matching,less movement, restricted wearing period,lower lid sagging, and contracted socket, all these drawbacks are overcome by the custom made eyes. Contrary to stock eyes which need to be removed while bathing and sleeping, custom eyes can be comfortably and safely worn.

What care should be taken for custom eye?

Custom eyes made from PMMA last for a longer time when properly made and cared for. Custom eye does not need much maintainence. It has to be removed and cleaned with tap water once in 2-3 weeks.